1105861_my_keys_3An ideal organization for prospective employees and managers is an authentic business. Authentic businesses are sought after by customers and employees; they are the ones to conduct business with and are a great place to work. Creating an authentic business is not complicated, but rather just a way to do business – an integrated value system adopted by all those involved. Create your organization so that others want to become a part of by implementing these five keys.

Have a consistent purpose. Strategies and initiatives should be chosen carefully, with long-term commitments and goals. Bring employees into the planning process so everyone has a full understanding of their role. Clearly identify the values and driving purpose. Stick to one management approach. Avoid frequent changing any of these variables.

Focus on long-term success. Short-term goals are necessary, but should not be the focus. A broader vision will allow all team members to pay attention on the business’s longer-term health and growth. This allows for more content team members and encourages innovation.

Macro-manage. Give employees their objectives and then step back and let them do the job you’ve asked. Checks and balances should still be in place to maintain business security, and performance appraisals used to encourage positive change and improvement. Maintain close contact and communications; not to monitor but to be a sounding board for decisions, a coach and a mentor.  Build a culture where everyone is part of a team. Be flexible to change.

Lead with a committed Senior Management. Strong relationships are developed over time by building trust and developing market expertise. A committed team is in it for the long-haul and encourages the same level of commitment from all talented employees. This will allow the business to have a more stable workforce, directing more energy to long-term objectives and short-term goals. Maintain focus on good work relationships and make sure people are in roles that match their strengths and interests. Harbor a fun environment.

Identify success factors. To most businesses this would be a positive cash flow and controlled expenses, but an authentic business will know that the true measure of success is a positive and driven team. Critical success factors are the areas where you must do well in order to achieve the business objectives. A healthy mix would include financial data and team or employee results. Top talent is attracted to the authentic business, and likewise consumers want to support of these organizations by giving them their business. Increase your consumer and employee loyalty and commitment by building an authentic business structure.

Used with permission from Article Aggregator